Back to BLOGGING!!!

I’m back… I’m back… I’m back…with a bang??? Huh…no! It has been months since I last posted something here. I had forgot how much enthusiasm, interest, hard work and patience it took to put my wish to reality and I am sad to admit that I had been putting my blog at the very end of my priority list for soooooo….long. But I have decided to make a few changes around. I would be pushing my blogging activities a few notches up the list. Yes…I could do just a few…because the top slots are full… ( 1. Job 2. Sleep 3. Daydreaming 4. Browsing Anything and Everything on Internet 5. Gorging on anything…healthy or unhealthy  6. Reading 7. Skin  and hair care routines 8. Cooking ( That’s a new one!) 9. …. get the scenario? )

My life in Pune is busier than one back in Kolkata and I don’t seem to be able to give up my few hours of sleep and sitting idle (I am confused but this is my new found love…simply sitting idle and doing nothing).  I was so sure I would settle down within a week and everything would be back to normal. I was so very wrong…What had I been doing? Read on in case you are interested  Silly


From KOLKATA to PUNE…journey and blogging break!!!

Hello ladies,

This is a very small post to inform all my lovely readers out there that I am shifting from Kolkata to Pune. There is a hell lot of tension mashed up with tons of excitement YAYYY!!!! I am eager to explore malls and markets in Pune. I would get access to a lot of new brands…Pune , here I come! I will also have to find out a place to live there, so I will be too busy for at least a week. So no time for blogging :’( .Will miss my blog and my readers for a few days.Will be back soon.

Wishing you beauty,


NOTD: Nail Art “SMUDGED” with step by step tutorial & pictures

Its Saturday…and the perfect day to lay back and read a book, watch a movie or do your nails Grin . I will read my book at night before hitting the pillow, will watch a movie after posting this, and I finished playing with my nails just minutes ago Yes . Listening to Raanjhanaa songs right now…pure bliss man!!! Makes me want to fall in love once more (with the same person *shy shy*- ‘my man’ Heart ). My new nails are lifting up my already uplifted spirits. I named today’s nails “SMUDGED“. Check them out:



Review: Lush Aqua Marina Cleanser

Being a beauty obsessed fanatic helps…at least me!

You keep searching for the best-est of the best in skincare and makeup and hair-care and bath products and…ah!!! forget it Rolls Eyes . Maybe you never find what you look for but you get to know so many other stuff, that you forget all about what you were searching for anyway Nerd .

Rubbish! For some…but totally true for me. Why am I telling you this? Few months back, I didn’t even know LUSH exists. I moved from a small town to Kolkata a year back. I could get my hands on so many new things. Fell in love with makeup, more of skincare, got to know so many brands and then LUSH-known for their fresh handmade cosmetics.

Today I will review Lush Aqua Marina Cleanser which I got in my April Vellvette box.



My May-June 2013 Empties!!!

This is my first empties post. And yes, you read it correct it is May-June 2013 empties. I started this blog mid-May and I had no idea I would feel like doing a post like this. It was a month later i.e. mid-June, when I felt “Why not show my readers what I finished?” Question . There also was one more reason. I have a very good habit of stocking up replacement products once the old ones are about to finish, and I also have a very bad habit of starting to use the new products leaving the old ones as they are. The result: I always have a large number of items waiting to be thrown away, but whenever I look at them, I say “Oh! There is still a little bit left…I will use it up for sure” and then I forget all about it the very next moment Rolls Eyes . This post was to motivate myself to finish off all those “little bits” and throw away the empty containers for good. And yes, I succeeded…take a look at what I finished off in the last two months Grin :



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