Over 40? Are You Using the Right Foundation and Concealer?

Use the Right Foundation and Concealer is tough to figure out once you hit your late 30′s and into your 40s. It is like everything changes almost over night.
woman looking in the mirror

Changes that happen as you hit your 40′s.

Starting with you will really start noticing changes around your eye area – as well as with the uneven skin tone all over your face. Concealer used to only be for nights when you stayed up too late – now, it’s an every day occurrence.

Lets start off with if you are not sure, Stila has a great set that has everything you would need to get this right.

What cool about it, this one comes in 14 different colors!

Your eye area is thin and fragile to begin with, but more so the older you get. It will look dark and you may need a lightening agent to help freshen up your appearance. Using a good eye cream meant for anti-aging is a good start as well.

The thick, cake-like concealer sticks that you find in drugstores won’t work for you anymore. They pool up and show the lines and wrinkles under your eye area, having the opposite result from what you hoped it would have. Most cake-like concealers are never really truly the right colors anyway. There is what like 4 color choices maybe?

You really need to start looking at everything that goes on your face to have an anti-aging ingredients in it.

You need a light approach when you start using concealer or change the one you are using. Choose a concealer that has eye brightening gel or ingredients in it. This should help reduce the transparency of the skin below your eyes so that dark circles are less visible.

Foundation is one of the toughest face product to pick out the right one no matter your age.

As for foundation, you probably grew up using one form of foundation (or base makeup as it’s also commonly called) that was specifically for your youthful skin. You may have had an oily T-zone, for example – but now you’re aging, and your skin isn’t oily – it’s dry!

Check out NYX Cosmetics High Definition Photogenic Foundation as one of the best foundation ideas. It helps by reduce the appearance of wrinkles and help rejuvenate skin and it comes in 8 color choices! I have found that mixing two foundations can give the right shade of foundation due to the fact I am so light skin tone.

If you choose a thick foundation that’s made to cover up acne, like you did as a teen or young adult, then you will notice that it piles up on your face and gets into the creases (wrinkles) that you have, making you look older than your true years. You have seen someone still wearing the foundation that they did as a teenage.. they look like they are wearing a mask!

Aside from a thick foundation, you also don’t want one that has a powder finish or a shimmer built into it. You want something that brings about a dewy finish. This might not be what you’re used to at first, but It does make you look younger than a thick foundation does.

Many of the foundations for older women contain SPF in them for sun protection, (over 15 but more like 25 is even better!) but they also include time-release moisturizers, too. This helps your skin stay hydrated during the day so that it doesn’t look dried up by the time you’re heading home from work. There are BB Creams that may be just what you are looking for, if you are one that would rather not wear foundation. They give you color and they help your skin too!

You don’t want to use a foundation that says “matte” on it. That’s an indication of a thick foundation. Even though you may need your skin tone evened out due to aging spots and an uneven appearance, a light foundation can do the job for you. Matte works great when you are a teen, but now that are over 40? Stay away from it!

Being over 40 happens to us all. But if you are wearing the right foundation and concealer you can help stop yourself from looking your age.