Goodbye PIMPLES!!!

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Today’s post is about the most common skin problem faced by the human race…PIMPLES Shock . We, the females, generally tend to get all panicky as soon as we notice the little red-face rising its head. It happens, at least in my case Thinking .


How is a pimple formed? Our skin contains sebaceous glands (the ones which produce sebum or the oily substance which helps to lubricate the skin and makes my face look like an unwashed frying pan Frown ). Sometimes these sebaceous glands gets enlarged and the excess sebum and dead cells result in blocked pores known as pimples. This environment is a thriving ground for a certain kind of bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes). This bacterial infection is the reason behind the swelling and redness of pimples.

That was an easy-peasy piece of theory, now let us move on to practicals. Since we all hate pimples and the cute little bacteria won’t listen to us, we can always take steps to fight them back. Here are a few tips which will help us to prevent pimples:

  1. Keep the skin clean: Use a mild face wash to get rid of dirt and oil. Do not over-wash your skin.
  2. Follow your CTM: This is a must- twice everyday for any kind of skin. Opt for a mild cleanser and better avoid oily compositions. Use a toner having anti bacterial properties. For example: Fabindia neem tulsi skin toner (will be reviewed soon). Use  an oil free moisturizer. I use Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture.
  3. Do not touch your face unnecessarily: Remember, your hands are always full of germs because they touch everything from bus doors to toilet seats. Do not keep touching your face as it transfers the germs to your face. Always clean your hands properly before doing anything to your face.
  4. Do not pop pimples: However tempting it might be, never ever do it. Poping pimples not only spreads the bacteria, it also leaves scars behind which are a pain to get rid of. Also the germs in our nails cause more harm than good.
  5. Keep your hair clean and off your face: Hair stays nearest to your face and since we cannot wash our hair twice daily just like our face, the dirt residing there must be kept as far as possible. Tie back your hair away from your face. Avoid oiling your hair too much since it will easily travel back to your face.
  6. Watch your diet: Avoid greasy and junk food since they tend to increase the production of sebum. Add fruits and vegetables to your diet and try to eat home-cooked meals, they are always healthier.
  7. Keep your system clean: Drink lots of water to wash out toxins from your body. Add fibers to your diet to keep your bowels moving. You can also start taking blood purifiers(ask your doctor first if you are not sure) available in the market. They help in keeping your blood clean and hence help curing pimples and acne.
  8. Study your product’s label: Read the ingredients list thoroughly before using anything on your skin or hair. avoid using gels and styling sprays or perfumes to your hair as these may irritate the skin as well. Use face products with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide as an ingredient.
  9. Give your scrub a rest: Never think that facial scrub will wash off your pimples along with dead cells. It will only bruise the pimples leading to infection. Use a mild scrub if you must. Avoid scrubbing over the pimples.
  10. Say no to stress: Studies show that excessive stress result in pimples and acne. Try to stay relaxed.
  11. Break a sweat: Exercise to keep up a healthy blood circulation. This will be good for your whole being.
  12. Skip makeup: Makeup generally tends to block pores hence aggravating the existing pimples. Use non-comedogenic(ones that do not block pores) makeup if necessary. Avoid heavy and greasy formulations.
  13. Sun protection: Stay out of the sun as much as possible since the harsh rays will only increase the inflammation and redness and cause more sebum production. Use a non-comedogenic sunscreen whenever stepping out in the sun.
  14. Quick fix: In case of existing pimples, use toothpaste(not the gel ones) to dry up the pimple quickly. Apply on the pimple and wait till it dries, then wash off. Want to try herbal, apply sandalwood or neem paste and leave it on overnight. This will dry up the pimples and reduce swelling. Use pimple control pens available in the market to speed up the healing process.

These easy tips will help keep pimples at bay. A few number of pimples can be fixed easily, but if you suffer from uncontrollable pimples, which comes back no matter what you do, I would suggest you to visit a dermatologist. The problem could be lying elsewhere Question .

Try fighting back those pesky zits till my next post. Bye bye girls.

Wishing you beauty,


Image credits: Pimple? by  Nathan Jones

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