My JUNE 2013 Favorites!!!

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I think I am the last blogger to put up the last month’s favorites post. Well, I have the excuse ready… “I was feeling toooooo lazy to put all the dabbas together and happily click away” (That’s not true Shame !!!…OK partially true). Actually many things are going on in my mind lately regarding work (the full time one which pays me Neutral ) and hence this injustice…delaying the timely blog posts. Here’s my June 2013 Favorites Grin :


 My Favorites- Hair-care:


  1. BROCATO curlinterrupted Smoothing & Hydrating Shampoo
  2. BROCATO curlinterrupted Smoothing & Hydrating Treatment

I got these lovely samples in my May “ORGANIC” Vellvette Box…loved both of them. The shampoo cleanses very well and leaves hair soft and smooth to touch. The treatment is very thick but doesn’t weigh down my fine hair. It nourishes and gives a healthy shine. Perfect!

My Favorites- Bath products:


  1. TVAM Almond & Honey scrub & body polisher: This is also from my May “ORGANIC” Vellvette Box. My first ever body polish and loved it. Smells of fresh herbs and roses, makes me feel fresh after every bath. Scrubs very well, not at all harsh and gritty, leaves the skin clean and fresh.
  2. I love…strawberry & milkshake bubble bath & shower gel: This is from my June “Travel” Vellvette Bag. I fell in love with the color and after the first use I was literally drooling over it Drool . The smell is somewhat like strawberry and bubblegum…yumm yummm!!! I have given The Body Shop mango shower gel a rest till I finish this sweetie.

My Favorites- Face products:


  1. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer DRY-TOUCH SUNBLOCK SPF50+ : I won’t lie…this is not my June Favorite. This has been my favorite sunscreen for the past 1 year. Though it says all those good words like sheer, dry, light, clean…my oily skin laughs at these. Yet I call it my favorite because among all the sunscreens I have used till date, this has really helped me “BLOCK THE SUN”. And for my frying pan (read: oil slick skin), well, I have learned to live with it (REALLY? Shock No re… I am trying to).
  2. LUSH DREAM CREAM hand and body lotion: This is from my March Vellvette Box. I have used it more for my lips, hands…a few times, body… never (I didn’t want to finish it off it one use). I have a habit of applying a light moisturizer or lotion before applying lipstick. This did the work very well. Very light and gets absorbed quickly. Started using it regularly in June, so in my June favorites list.
  3. LUSH AQUA MARINA cleanser: From my April Vellvette Box. This was lying untouched throughout May. I don’t know why but did not feel like using it. On a cleaning spree I thought of giving it a try before tossing it away. Now I am banging my head because it expires this July and I will never finish it Cry . A great cleanser for oily skin. Wonderful product.

My Favorites- Makeup:


  1. Elle 18 color pops lipstick (42 Coral Romance): A beautiful bright peachy coral. Never dared to wear such a bright color before…but it looks pretty.
  2. Elle 18 color pops lipstick (30 Cinnamon Bun): A Orangish brown. I find it great as a daily office wear. Not very attention grabbing but very flattering to medium skin tones.

Check out the swatches:


As you can see Vellvette has been rocking my world… Have you used any of my June 2013 Favorites? What are yours? Do share…

By the way have you tried the new Dominoes Lebanese Roll? I gorged on them yesterday…ummm…tasty… almost like Taco Indiana (the kebab or whatever they put inside is exactly the same), the bread is not crispy but soft, the masala sprinkled over it was too spicy for me. Have a nice week ahead. Bye. Take care.

Wishing you beauty,


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  1. sushmita
    July 10, 2013 at 11:14 AM (4 years ago)

    I love the way you write… n this is not beacause u are my sister… bt really your writing has a sense of fun n wit… U know how much I love to read and how I can not stand bad write ups and make up blogs(I can’t help it but I am not that much interested in painting my face just for fun), but I keep coming back to your blog not for the info or pics…but for your write ups… well done sweetie…keep writing

  2. Swagata
    July 10, 2013 at 11:25 AM (4 years ago)

    thanx didi for the *pat on my back* Smile


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