Revitol Skin Tag Remover Review – 100% Natural Ingredients

If you are here because you have been surfing the web for a low cost practical solution to removing unsightly skin tags, then you have come to the right place. So, let’s get to it. Does it work? Yes. Is it the most powerful skin tag remover? No.

But, the real question is this: Is it right for you?

I’m sure you are aware there are many products available that claim they can remove skin tags. Some faster acting than others, and some are just a waste of money, and time. So, I will try and explain why this product could be right or wrong for you, as it will not be to everyone’s liking, or expectations.

Is A 100% Natural Ingredient Product Best?

I know that might sound like a strange question to ask, but the odds are you’re checking this product out because it is 100% natural. Or, you possibly saw the TV ads that make great emphasis on the “homeopathic” element, and the“active ingredient Thuja Occidentalis.” Which is all good, I might add.

Of course we will tend to be more at ease with a natural product over an unnatural/chemical product, if it is to be used on our bodies. Having said that, I am not implying all natural is great, and all chemical is bad or rubbish. But, there is a trade off you will have to consider, and that is the more abrasive a product is the quicker it will remove skin tags. But the flip side is, where it is appropriate to use a more abrasive skin tag remover, and the care needed when applying it.

Being 100% natural (and relatively mild) is this products great strength, as it is safe, painless, very easy to use, and will leave no scaring or blemishes to worry about. Unlike harsher products that rely on freezing or burning the skin tag, which can make them awkward to apply, as they can irritate the skin, and occasionally leave noticeable scarring.

However, the biggest drawback of this product is the time it takes to remove skin tags, as it relies on a natural process to kill the skin tag by drying it out. This can take time to achieve depending on the size of the skin tags, the results vary from 2-6 weeks. So, if you opt for this product you may well need to show some patience, and to get the best results follow the instructions to the letter.

What Are The Benefits Of A 100% Natural Skin Tag Remover?

Where this product really comes into its own, is that it can be applied safely to skin tags that are in very sensitive areas, around the eyes, mouth, nose, ears, and *ahem*…nether regions. Because it is less abrasive than products that rely on chemical compounds, it doesn’t matter if it does comes into contact with the surrounding healthy skin. There is no chance of any scarring because it is simply drying the skin tag out, allowing your healthy skin to reclaim the area vacated by the skin tag.

This also makes the product ideal for skin tags that are on exposed skin like the face and neck. Because the natural solution is milder in strength than many of its competitors it is much safer to use with zero side effects. But that benefit comes at a cost, the time it time it takes to work.

I have seen many people complain about this product because it didn’t work as fast as they had hoped it would. Sometimes just giving up on it after a couple of weeks. The truth is Revitol have not done themselves and customers any favours by not being open, and clearly stating that this product can take up to 6 weeks to work. They do state it on the bottle, but you will need a magnifying glass to read it. I kid you not.

Fast Acting Harsh Compound V Slow Acting Mild Compound

Like any unsightly skin blemish that suddenly becomes noticeable the immediate impulse is to remove it as quickly as possible. If a zit appears on your face it is virtually impossible to resist the urge to squeeze it. Even when you know that it isn’t necessarily the best course of action to take, as it can make it worse. Think carefully about how to deal with your skin tag problem, as this is often dictated by where they are on your body.

The majority of skin tags appear in areas that are out of sight (under clothing), and in non-sensitive areas. If this applies to you, then this product is not necessarily the best option available to you. Faster acting more abrasive skin tag removers can be used for quicker results, with minimal risk of skin irritation, scarring, or blemishing. As long as you use these products correctly.

But, as mentioned earlier, if your skin tags are visibly on the face and neck, or in sensitive areas, and you do not wish to risk skin irritation, possible scarring, or blemishes. Then this product makes a lot more sense to use, as long as you have the patience to go with it. Follow the application instructions, give it time, and it will work.

Is It Affordable?

Revitol Skin Tag Removal Cream is not the most expensive or cheapest product available, but it is reasonably priced. There are three packages to choose from, depending on the extent of your skin tag problem.

The first package is a 30 day supply at $39.95, the second package is for a three month supply at $79.95, and the third package is a six month supply at $119.95. These prices do not include package and post, which comes in two options. Rush delivery, and standard delivery, the latter being the cheapest option.

Unfortunately, this product can not be purchased over the counter, and is only available via the internet.


If used in the right situation then this is an excellent product that is very reasonably priced. As it will give you peace of mind due to it being easy to use, painless, suitable for all skin types, and has zero side effects. (Naturally, if you were to get some in your eye it would sting a bit, but no harm would be caused). On a scale of 1 to 10 I’d give it 7.5 because it just isn’t the fastest skin tag remover available. But, speed really isn’t its main selling point.

If, based on what you have read above, you think this product is right for you, then pop over to the official website from the link below, and buy the appropriate package. And remember, a watched pot never boils, well it does, but it seems to take an eternity if you just keep staring at it.

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